Almost 1,000 hectares of Enclosed Private Land

A natural space where you will enjoy our rides, nestled in a unique environment.

More than 20 km. of rides

Downhill, Freeride, Wood Park, Four Cross,... rides of different types and for all levels.

Among the Mediterranean Forest

Forests of oaks and pines perfumed by the unique aromatic plants of the Sierra de Mariola.


The Bike Park is mainly oriented Downhill (DH), but also offers more than 30 km of long Cross Country, an area of hopping Freeride (Air Line), a demanding and workable circuit of 4X, a Wood Park module made with all kinds of wood, for all levels and our Bambi Line, a slope designed for children but it is also enjoyable for adults.

In addition, next to the house there’s a Pump Track to heat up, a Trial Bike zone of rocks designed by Juan Antonio Linares (runner-up world champion) and a foam pool in which to practice tricks (Foam Pit).


Bikers at the top of La Fenasosa


Bike Park rides are classified by difficulty and are easily identified with a code similar to skiing, depending on the degree of difficulty of each colour. Green tracks are the simplest, intermediate blue, red are for advanced and black exclusively for experts.

All of the double jumps have a variant to avoid rolling above the step of the track instead of jumping, in order to avoid its deterioration.



Downhill (DH)

Slopes for all tastes: technical, fast, loose stone with a wooden spiral of more than 360°, jumps and bridges, all in a unique setting. More than twenty kilometres of slopes which are mainly distributed in red levels with a pair of black high difficulty circuits. There are also green and blue slopes which are comfortable, easy and fun at the same time.


Central Park(DH8)

Red Slope

The first part is rock, not very steep but it is technical and hard, followed by a stretch between pines with jumps and cambers of medium-speed that marks halfway and ends at the rock.

It begins between pines with fun jumps and cambers of medium speed to reach a transition zone parallel to the road of the lift, followed by a quick stretch that ends in a possible trial between two bikes. After this, there are fun and varied camber plateaus between two and four meters that take us to the last part, the fun part.

Half Eight (final part of DH8)

Blue slope

It is the DH8 which starts halfway, thus avoiding the technical first part of the rock. Like the Bambi Line, it is ideal for a first timer or to heat up.

It begins between pines with fun jumps and cambers of medium speed to reach a transition zone parallel to the road of the lift, followed by a quick stretch that ends in a possible trial between two bikes. After this, there are fun and varied camber plateaus between two and four meters that take us to the last part, the fun part.


The Forest (DH7)

Black slope

Starting from The Cross, which is a technical area with high speed, followed by a flat stretch that leads to a small cut out which gives access to the forest area. This part is quite steep and has technical curves to consider, especially the two on the left preceded by a trial technical zone; coming out of the woods to the Firewall which is very technical because it is a drop and preceded by a stretch of rocks.

The Firewall area is composed of big jumps, three doubles followed by three plateaus that give way to an area of oaks with rocks by which we reach the jump of the road to the bottom, which is one of the most spectacular jumps of the Bike Park, followed with a double which ends the track.


The Cross (HR6)

Blue slope

This track has the same start as the DH7 up to the entrance of the forest, where it is separated by taking a shortcut on the right. In the forest we find flowing and enjoyable curves until we get to the Firewall, where it is possible to choose between double jumps or otherwise pass through the plateaus. Then we pass three banked corners between the oaks and come to a very rocky area that leads to the emblematic jump of the road, where we can choose to continue on the Four Cross, the Wood Park or Bambiline.


Subca Line (DH9)

Red slope

The track begins at the cross, the highest point of the Bike Park. The first section, with lots of rock, is passed pretty fast and results in a technical cut (it has an easier variant). After a transition zone where we enter the forest. From here the track has a more fluid part with high speed, which leads to a technical section of linked turns, finally reaching the famous Firewall. The track continues with a fast zone, where you have to go around the trees, until connecting with the Four Cross (4X).

(Enduro) Snail Ravine
Red slope

This path begins with a very steep and difficult area which juts into the ravine, until reaching an enjoyable line of plateaus. From this point, the track narrows and passes by wooden structures on rock, such as the Snail, which gives its name to the track. The final part is a fairly flat single track so this slope is recommended for the Enduro bike.


Wood Park (WP)
Black Slope

There is nothing better than wood to complement a natural downward slope of dirt and rocks. Fans can enjoy in this specific area all kinds of wooden modules: jumps, wall rides, cambers and plateaus all cut in different sizes.


Four Cross (4X)
Red Slope

The 4X offers a varied and rich set of different types of jumps, where we always have the possibility to leave the jump in case of not wanting or being able to skip it, combined with good banked curves. Keeping pace without losing speed is one of the challenges that make the 4X a technical and physical journey.


Super Cross (SX-FR)
Black slope

One of the most impressive Freeride tracks of Spain, with 12 doubles of over 9 meters and all with banked curves. It is designed for the experienced rider and is a track that does not allow for failure, since you cannot roll the jumps, only fly them.


Route 55 (FR)
Blue slope

This is one of the two new tracks of The Fenasosa. It allows the rider to have fun without having great technical expertise. A blue track where the jumps are easy plateaus and all have large camber curves that give a lot of security.


Air Line (FR)
Black slope

Designed and built to mark the filming of the movie WE ARE FAMILY by Andreu Lacondeguy for MBA Parks & Events. It is composed of the biggest jumps in the Bike Park, and is situated very close to the Castle. In 2014 it was reformed by Clancy's Farm to make it more accessible for the more daring Riders.


The Homestead

Almost 1,000 hectares of Enclosed Private Land. A natural space where you will enjoy our tracks, nestled in a unique environment.

Accommodation in The Fenasosa

The possibility of staying in our Castle which dates back to 1890, as well as wood cabins, you decide!

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