Important information


Using the slopes of La Fenasosa implies acceptance of the following Code. Failure to follow these rules may involve, ultimately at the discretion of the directors of the Bike Park, the loss of rights of use of purchased tracks. It is highly recommend the reading and accepting of the following standards before using the tracks.


Code of liability for users of La Fenasosa Bike Park

1.Respect for others

The rider (user of Bike Park) should avoid putting yourself in danger deliberately or voluntarily, whilst generating any risk, harm or damage to other users or third parties.

2. Control of speed and behaviour

The rider must descend prudently and controlled. They must adapt their speed and manner of rolling to their personal ability and to the terrain, weather conditions and the level of difficulty and traffic on the slopes.

3. Entrance of a trail and start of a ride

All riders who access a slope to start or resume their ride after stopping, must look up and down before starting to make sure they can do so without endangering himself or others.

4. Overtaking

Overtaking can be carried out by the right or left, but always in a way leaving sufficient space to prevent voluntary or involuntary manoeuvres of the rider in front, and if possible warning of their intention.

5. Choice of route

The rider coming from behind or meeting another at a junction of tracks, must choose their route so that it can never endanger the other rider, and having in mind that it is he the one who must maintain a distance then responsible for any collision.

6. Alcohol and other substances

The rider should not fall under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or psychotropic substances, nor be under the influence of any medication that may limit reflexes and physical or cognitive abilities.

7. Stopping on a ride

Riders should avoid parking in the narrow spaces or those with no visibility of the trails. In case of falling in one of these places the rider should step aside and clear the track as soon as possible.

8. Going Up and down on foot

The rider who goes up or down on foot, should not go in the middle of the ride.

9. Provision of assistance

In case of accident, every rider has the responsibility to provide assistance and seek help immediately of the Bike Park staff.

10. Respect for signs and markings

All rider must respect the beaconing, signals and strict indications that at any time can be received from the station staff, descending only by the rides prepared by the Bike Park which are open to the public.

The Homestead

Almost 1,000 hectares of Enclosed Private Land. A natural space where you will enjoy our rides, nestled in a unique environment.

The environment and tracks

In the Natural Park of Sierra Mariola, with tracks of all kinds and for all levels.

Schedules and calendar

Open 11 months of the year, morning and afternoon. Schedules depend on the season and weather.

Trailer lift service

For your convenience, if you prefer to only to ride downhill. Make your reservation through the web.

Equipment Hire

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Access fees

Special prices for children under 12 years, and offers for consecutive days.